Does the word give you a calm, peaceful feeling inside?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

If you knew a way to quiet the chaos of divorce even for just a moment, would you grab it like a life preserver?

If you could figure out how to break free of the “How did I end up here?! Will I be OK?!” mental torture loop that plays all night in your head, would you do it right now, no questions asked?

The constant stress, anxiety and total life disruption of divorce can make every day feel like an endless procession of bad news.

Well, I have some good news for you.

 Feeling strong and fortified, ready to face whatever comes your way, is totally achievable for you.

Getting at the root of any shame, guilt and/or regret over the “failure” of the marriage, facing them head-on, then knowing how to find peace, is completely possible.

You’re stronger than you think. You can move through what is possibly the most emotionally charged situation you’ll ever be in, with grace and confidence.

And I can show you how.

Does this describe your everyday existence?

Angry. Afraid.

Overwhelmed. Exhausted.

You’re making these incredibly important decisions, often by yourself for the first time in years, at a time when you’re emotionally raw, exhausted, spread too thin.

You’re trying to keep your day-to-day life going at the same time that this other part of your life is crumbling. You’re doing your absolute best, but at a time when your best is being clouded by confusion and diluted by messy, unpredictable emotions.

I see you.

I’ve been there myself.

And I’m happy to tell you I have tools you can use to bring yourself back to a grounded, calm, still place where your thinking can be clearer and your decisions ones that will support a healthy future for yourself and those you love.

You can learn how to keep yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually strong so that the craziness of divorce doesn’t control your days or ruin your self-worth.

Welcome to

The Art of Graceful Divorce

A Guide to Reconnecting, Remembering, and Reclaiming

This program was born out of my desire to help women through an unimaginably painful, liberating, terrifying, and hopeful time of their lives with strength and grace, and to come out the other side armed with massively increased confidence in their ability to create the life they want for themselves.

What I’m offering you with The Art of Graceful Divorce are tools, shortcuts, tips, actual step-by-step instruction to develop an arsenal of ways to survive divorce and come out the other side of it proud of who you are and proud of what you’ve accomplished.

I teach you ways to shore yourself up against the constantly shifting demands on your time, energy, and heart.

I won’t be throwing you a bunch of untested “good ideas” or “wouldn’t this be nice” suggestions. I’ll be walking you through what worked for me, with a clear “this is what you need to do” approach.

As a Clinical Aromatherapist, herbal educator, and reflexologist, many of the tools I give you are based on using natural methods to care for yourself during times of great stress and turmoil. I teach you what worked for me and how to apply it to your situation.


The truth is, no one thinks divorce is going to happen to her. And no one can predict the toll it will take. We all experience trauma differently, and divorce is nothing if not traumatic.

Any email, any phone call, even a random thought can take you from “steady as she goes” to hopeless, rage-filled or heartbroken, derailing your day and leaving you depleted and full of self-judgment.

You need to be at your most steady at a time when the world is moving under your feet.

I hear you.

And here’s what I know:

You have what you need inside you to get through your divorce with grace, with integrity, with your true heart and self intact and flourishing.

But it’s going to be a whole heck of a lot easier if you do it with somebody who’s been down that road.

I have so much to share with you, so much I’ve learned from years of study. By seeing divorce as a positive catalyst and having a mentor to guide me along the process, I’ve been able to come out the other side of divorce with a friendship with my ex-husband, my finances in order, a strong relationship with my daughter, and most importantly, proud of how much I’ve grown and how strong I’ve become through the process.

I want that to be you, and it totally can be you.

Here’s what I learned from my own divorce and the hard lessons of the years that followed:

The dissolution of your marriage does NOT define you.

You have within you more strength and resilience than what you may see right now.

You absolutely CAN bring joy and color back into your life.

You absolutely CAN walk through your new life with confidence, clarity, and an open heart.

And you certainly do NOT have to do this on your own.

This transformational time of divorce does not have to be negative, horrible and disempowering. In fact, it can be the exact opposite.

I’m living proof that you have the strength and power within you to create the life you long to live, regardless of how much you’re up against.

Your life, your dreams, YOU have ineffable value.

The Art of Graceful Divorce is designed to help you uncover and remember your gifts, strengths, and creativity so that you end up on the other side of divorce ready to LIVE FULLY.

Let me help you get through it faster, with less stress and heartache, with GRACE. You CAN get through this and be proud of yourself at the end of the journey. Divorce does not have to mean disconnection, shame and unhappiness.

The choice is yours.

Reclaiming your strength in a positive, graceful way will positively impact all your relationships, most especially the one you have with yourself.

Why wait to feel strong, confident and resilient?

The time is now to decide how and who you will be through your divorce. I am committed to helping you create a strong foundation for success, joy and love on the other side of it.


Please note:
This program is not a place for venting or bashing your ex. It’s not meant to take the place of professional services like therapy, financial advice, or legal counsel. If you need professional services I strongly urge you to seek those before you take on the work required by this program. And for times when you need to vent or bash (I know there are times) Facebook offers groups that are places of safety where you can vent with other women.

This program is for when you are ready to get down to work, after you’ve vented. This is a course correction to get you back to where you need to be to move forward, and go higher, and come out of divorce stronger and loving who you are.