Weaving Your Divorce Safety Net

March 2019

We’ll be weaving a safety net so you know that you have what you need, and then some, to get through this and rise from it like a phoenix!

Part One: Your Body

Ways to keep yourself at your physical best when divorce is trying to break you down.

Part Two: Your Mind

Ways to keep your mind sharp, calm, and strategically focused when divorce is trying its best to overwhelm and exhaust you.

Part Three: Your Heart and Emotions

Keeping your heart strong and your emotions as your ally when divorce is making you feel like you’re going crazy.

Holiday Survival

Holiday 911 Survival Tip #3: Liquid Courage

November 2018

When it all gets to be too much, but you can’t take the time for a massage and have reached your daily max of Xanax, try this discreet and effective reflexology technique to give yourself a system reboot and take your nervous system down a notch.

If you are going through divorce, you know a thing or two about overwhelm. Learn more about ways to keep yourself strong before, during, and after divorce by exploring this website.

Holiday 911 Survival Tip #2: Liquid Courage

November 2018

Sometimes we need a little help navigating the emotional minefields of the holidays. While one more glass of wine/beer/gin is an obvious way out, I’ve got a little liquid companion who helps me, and doesn’t lead to hangovers or apologies.

If you are going through divorce, you know a thing or two about the need for emotional stamina. The Art of Graceful Divorce gives you tools that help you heal and start fresh, stronger and in command of your life.

Holiday 911 Survival Tip #1: Idiot = Breathe

November 2018

Holiday cheer? More like holiday rage. I’ve got a tip that protects my sanity and my loved ones when I get triggered by idiocy that work any time of the year.

If you are going through divorce, you know a thing or two about being triggered into rage. Get the support you need through the holidays and your whole life.

Reclaiming Your Life

Mental Organization in Hard Times

August 2018

Let’s talk mental organization in times of extreme stress, be it divorce, freelancer life, job loss, or just life.

I share my #1 trick for how I stay organized and get it done as a single mom, entrepreneur, freelancer, and human. It’s super simple, and super effective… PLUS! It involves office supplies, and who doesn’t love those?!

Stick around for an “insiders” advanced organization technique taken straight from the Art of Graceful Divorce program that will take the trick I teach you to a whole new level of effectiveness.

How Introverts Handle Hard Times

October 2018

As introverts we tend to go inside ourselves when faced with hard emotions and challenges. We make decisions, absorb information, and heal in quiet, internal ways more often than not. But we still have a deep need to be seen and feel supported.

The Art of Graceful Divorce offers a private, personal, and self-paced way to navigate divorce, designed by an introvert (me!) to reflect what I wish I’d had when going through my own divorce. It may be just what you need to feel understood and seen.

A Brief Introduction to the Art of Graceful Divorce

May 2018

Divorce is hard, but it doesn’t have to rob you of your ability to come through it with grace. I invite you to learn about the Art of Graceful Divorce!

Interview: Picking Up the Pieces During and After Divorce

September 10, 2018

As part of her law firm’s Moving Families Forward series, Attorney Allison Williams of Williams Law Group and I talk about showing up at your best when life is at its worst. We discuss surprising things about divorce, how to get the most out of your relationship with your divorce attorney, tools for keeping unruly emotions in check so you can make smart decisions, and so much more.