Ways to Work with Me

Ways to Work with Dori

Art of Graceful Divorce
(6-month and 3-month programs)

We all know people going through divorce, or maybe even are going through one now ourselves. We want the process to be as smooth and painless as possible for them (and us!).

I’ve created two programs to guide women through a graceful divorce process, called the Art of Graceful Divorce. My commitment is to supporting women through a transformative divorce process. With the right tools (ones I’ve developed by doing things the hard way in my own divorce) and mentorship, women can present their strongest selves at times when everything feels like chaos and instability. So many important decisions need to be made at a time when everything feels hard and overwhelming. I help women remember their power and reclaim their lives.

They also gain a foundational knowledge of aromatherapy, herbal care, reflexology, and flower essences that can be of value to their families and themselves for the rest of their lives.

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VIP sessions

Because of my extensive experience as a Clinical Aromatherapist, I also offer another way to work with me: VIP sessions.

You work with me in person, one on one, in my home studio. We spend three hours together, digging into your emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical needs. Then we create a custom essential oil blend just for you. You get an insider view into my intuitive process, and get to smell lots of beautiful oils of the highest quality and vibration.

We talk through where you need tools and support during your divorce, and I share whichever tools and techniques I feel would be of most value to you. You come away with a custom-made aromatherapy blend and are armed with sanity-saving knowledge that will smooth out your path through divorce.

Sessions are 3 hours on average, and available in my home studio in New Jersey. Please contact me to schedule.